Planning a Finding Dory First Birthday Party

So, with my daughter turning one, I wanted to celebrate it with her favorite character: Dory. I did a full out Finding Dory themed party and wanted to share it with you. Who knows, it may help some of you plan a party.

First of, the cake. The flavor was an almond wedding cake and it was so delicious! For her smash cake, I hand made it with a simple vanilla cake recipe and took some icing off of this cake so she was able to get a taste of awesomeness.


For decorations, we had blue and yellow cups, plates, and table covers to keep with the Dory color scheme. My mom decorated the walls with seaweed and fish. The seaweed and fish cost $3 from the dollar tree. It was nice not having to cut out the fish and the seaweed was made out of green streamers.


I also set up an area to use as a photo booth made of blue streamers and Finding Dory printouts.


I know I strayed from my typical author/reading posts, but I hope you still enjoyed it because it was a very special day for me and my daughter. I will go ahead and say that Unexpected Mate is now available to purchase if you want to pick up a copy ;).

Until next time.

Happy Reading,
Bethany Wicker


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